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Adaptation will cause problems?

“…what research regarding “climate change” suggests is that ‘climate,’ as a concept is losing its referent (i.e., that to which it refers). That is, the referent (in this case a complex of atmospheric conditions) is changing in a way that is making the very concept ‘climate’ ever more meaningless.”


NASA’s Hansen: Earth perilously close to tipping point

If you’ve ever been in a small boat or raised children (or been in a small boat with children) you have both an intellectual and visceral understanding of tipping points. Like a boat, the Earth is inherently good at remaining stable, even in nasty weather. But all boats—and all planets—have a tipping point past which things go from OK to gawdawful in the blink of an eye. Before you know what hit you you’re upside-down and sucking water.