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Sometimes you just gotta laugh

Sleigh bells ring, but are you draggin’?
Don’t you wish you’d brought the wagon?
The world’s rearranged
The climate has changed
Walking in a withered wonderland

Breaking the climate silence

We will not cook up lists of things to do. We will not brainstorm solutions. We will most certainly be involved in solutions, like planting gardens or closing coal plants or writing to policy makers or biking instead of driving, but we will not take planning those actions as the focus of our gathering.

We will instead practice opening our hearts—to each other, to the enormity of the climate problem, to the animals and plants and microorganisms who share our lives and our geography and will also share our fate.


Finding hope on a hot planet: new book features essay by Wisconsin’s own Curt Meine

To ensure that spring remains a time of hope and renewal rather than concern and fear for future generations, we will need to replace the naïve hope that for millennia arose spontaneously from the once distinct and reliable harbingers of spring, with a mature hope that we generate out of our own hearts, Curt Meine argues.