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The hope cycle

The Badger lands and other grasslands like it are of at least the same magnitude of importance to the struggle to slow global warming as the Badger Army Ammunition Plant was to defeating Hitler and the Axis powers in the 1940s. One thing is for sure: there is far more at stake today.


Down on the farm

The chronicle of climate-related disasters that farmer Jack Hedin and his family have endured in the last several years reads like something out of the book of Job, but Hedin isn’t sitting around cursing God like Job did; he’s lowering his own emissions and raising awareness through his writing about the perils we face if we don’t act fast to curb greenhouse gases.

If you can’t stand the heat, get into the kitchen

The industrial farming that has provided inexpensive food for decades is only possible with cheap fossil fuels, predictable weather and safe and abundant water.