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The hope cycle

The Badger lands and other grasslands like it are of at least the same magnitude of importance to the struggle to slow global warming as the Badger Army Ammunition Plant was to defeating Hitler and the Axis powers in the 1940s. One thing is for sure: there is far more at stake today.


Beyond belief

“They loved each other beyond belief- She was a strumpet, he was a thief.” -Henrich Heine, “New Poems,” 1797-1856   The vocabulary of religion is not serving us well when it comes to battling – or even discussing – climate change. Recently a friend sent me a link to a video of Karen Armstrong accepting […]

Calvin’s reformation: changing the climate of the church

Under the influence of the coal, gas and oil lobbies, Calvin DeWitt says, the U.S. Congress is making the human economy more concrete than the economy of the biosphere.