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The tragedy in your tank: Is it even possible to steer clear of tar sands gasoline?

Virtually all gasoline (and diesel fuel, home heating oil and jet fuel) sold in Wisconsin is derived, at least in part, from crude originating in the Athabascan tar sands region of Canada.


Hunting and fishing groups’ new quarry: global warming

Saying so may get me in trouble with a few of my more liberal friends, but there would be far fewer wild and protected places, and much less biological diversity in those places, if there were fewer hunters and fisherfolk tromping around out there. It’s worth noting that many (but certainly not all) of our nation’s greatest conservationists have been gun-and-tackle-toting harvesters of flesh.

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One woman’s conservation legacy: making it home with Jean Clausen

Jean Clausen has indeed opened a lot of people’s eyes to the beauty of nature. She’s also been instrumental in preserving a good bit of the natural world. With her attention, passion and commitment to the particular part of the planet she has inhabited for most of her long life, Jean Clausen exemplifies what it means to “make it home.”