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The climate-conscious corpse (part 2)

Unlike when buying a hybrid car, you pay no premium for taking the more environmentally responsible route to the hereafter.


The hope cycle

The Badger lands and other grasslands like it are of at least the same magnitude of importance to the struggle to slow global warming as the Badger Army Ammunition Plant was to defeating Hitler and the Axis powers in the 1940s. One thing is for sure: there is far more at stake today.


Wisconsin’s sand county odyssey, part 1: seeing a world in a grain of sand — and Homeric echoes in a Leopold essay

Beyond its function as an ecological parable, there is much in “Odyssey” to provoke a careful reader to wonder whether Leopold intended a more deeply layered allegory. As a Yale graduate, Leopold was well acquainted with Greek myth and the classics, and would have understood that the name of Homer’s title character in the famous epic poem literally means “trouble.”