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Breaking the climate silence

We will not cook up lists of things to do. We will not brainstorm solutions. We will most certainly be involved in solutions, like planting gardens or closing coal plants or writing to policy makers or biking instead of driving, but we will not take planning those actions as the focus of our gathering.

We will instead practice opening our hearts—to each other, to the enormity of the climate problem, to the animals and plants and microorganisms who share our lives and our geography and will also share our fate.


The tragedy in your tank: Is it even possible to steer clear of tar sands gasoline?

Virtually all gasoline (and diesel fuel, home heating oil and jet fuel) sold in Wisconsin is derived, at least in part, from crude originating in the Athabascan tar sands region of Canada.


Down on the farm

The chronicle of climate-related disasters that farmer Jack Hedin and his family have endured in the last several years reads like something out of the book of Job, but Hedin isn’t sitting around cursing God like Job did; he’s lowering his own emissions and raising awareness through his writing about the perils we face if we don’t act fast to curb greenhouse gases.