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Dear Mr. Fallows: It doesn’t follow

Our biggest challenge is not, as James Fallows argues, meeting an ever-growing demand for energy. Our biggest challenge is avoiding catastrophic climate change — caused primarily by the burning of holocaustic coal — that could kill and impoverish far more human beings than Hitler ever did.

Extreme makeover: town edition?

Situated as it is on the banks of America’s largest river, practically within spitting distance of three other states, and with easy access to transmission lines that carry power to several major cities, Cassville’s potential to become a big player in the clean energy economy in the region is as large as the town is small.

Calvin’s reformation: changing the climate of the church

Under the influence of the coal, gas and oil lobbies, Calvin DeWitt says, the U.S. Congress is making the human economy more concrete than the economy of the biosphere.