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Can we imagine a better future? On dystopias and hope

People sense that the world as they know it is dying, and they are frightened beyond belief—and I mean this quite literally. Climate-change denial of the extent that we have witnessed in recent years has to be fueled in part by a fear so big there is no name for it.

Beyond belief

“They loved each other beyond belief- She was a strumpet, he was a thief.” -Henrich Heine, “New Poems,” 1797-1856   The vocabulary of religion is not serving us well when it comes to battling – or even discussing – climate change. Recently a friend sent me a link to a video of Karen Armstrong accepting […]

Finding hope on a hot planet: new book features essay by Wisconsin’s own Curt Meine

To ensure that spring remains a time of hope and renewal rather than concern and fear for future generations, we will need to replace the naïve hope that for millennia arose spontaneously from the once distinct and reliable harbingers of spring, with a mature hope that we generate out of our own hearts, Curt Meine argues.