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We have seen the enemy…

The fossil fuel industry is not your friendly neighborhood pharmacist, it is the drug cartel. It is not God’s army, it is the terrorist network. It is not the honorable cop on the beat, it is the armed and deranged criminal roaming the streets.


10-10-10: Homegrown fertilizer for a global movement

10-10-10 will, like the 10-10-10 fertilizer you might spread on your yard or garden, strengthen and lengthen the roots of the movement and green and multiply its leaves.

A mad man

Bill McKibben may be the most circumspect and even-tempered environmental writer and activist in the country, but in this piece he wrote for Sojourners, he gets gets hot under the collar about President Obama’s tepid support for the kind of energy and climate legislation we need to stave off catastrophic climate change