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We have seen the enemy…

The fossil fuel industry is not your friendly neighborhood pharmacist, it is the drug cartel. It is not God’s army, it is the terrorist network. It is not the honorable cop on the beat, it is the armed and deranged criminal roaming the streets.


Adaptation will cause problems?

“…what research regarding “climate change” suggests is that ‘climate,’ as a concept is losing its referent (i.e., that to which it refers). That is, the referent (in this case a complex of atmospheric conditions) is changing in a way that is making the very concept ‘climate’ ever more meaningless.”


Wisconsin’s sand county odyssey, part 3: the x factor

Having a land ethic means you sometimes have to draw lines in the sand – say in the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, the Sand Hills of Nebraska, or the sand counties of Wisconsin. Such lines will be temporary, however, susceptible to the incessant and shifting winds of commerce and competition, if we do not also draw clear lines in our own heads and hearts.