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Breaking the climate silence

We will not cook up lists of things to do. We will not brainstorm solutions. We will most certainly be involved in solutions, like planting gardens or closing coal plants or writing to policy makers or biking instead of driving, but we will not take planning those actions as the focus of our gathering.

We will instead practice opening our hearts—to each other, to the enormity of the climate problem, to the animals and plants and microorganisms who share our lives and our geography and will also share our fate.


What would Jesus do about the Koch brothers? He might get naked.

Whether you believe we are broke, as Gov. Walker said in his budget address, or awash in money like Michael Moore said when he spoke to protestors in Madison a few days later, there is no shortage of creativity in the Midwest – or in America.


Fossil fuel profiteers wage war on Wisconsin’s children, with governor’s help

The war we should be most concerned about is the war the titans of the fossil fuel industry is waging against our children. Make no mistake, it is our children – and our children’s children – who will suffer most from the greed and power brokering of men like David and Charles Koch. They will suffer from poorer schools and they will suffer from poorer health. They will suffer from a poorer planet and the ravages of climate change.