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Down on the farm

The chronicle of climate-related disasters that farmer Jack Hedin and his family have endured in the last several years reads like something out of the book of Job, but Hedin isn’t sitting around cursing God like Job did; he’s lowering his own emissions and raising awareness through his writing about the perils we face if we don’t act fast to curb greenhouse gases.

Lands’ End feels climate change in its bottom line

One hopes that the latest negative financial report from Sears and Lands’ Enc will underscore for executives at both companies the extent to which global warming can (and increasingly will) affect profitability – and how seeking ways to conserve more of everything the way Kohl’s has – will convince them to take greater steps to further reduce their energy use and their contribution to global warming.


Climate Crisis Q & A

You may feel like Jimmy Stewart’s character in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” if you answer all the questions correctly, but at least you won’t be as clueless as many members of Congress.