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Finding hope on a hot planet: new book features essay by Wisconsin’s own Curt Meine

To ensure that spring remains a time of hope and renewal rather than concern and fear for future generations, we will need to replace the naïve hope that for millennia arose spontaneously from the once distinct and reliable harbingers of spring, with a mature hope that we generate out of our own hearts, Curt Meine argues.


Calvin’s reformation: changing the climate of the church

Under the influence of the coal, gas and oil lobbies, Calvin DeWitt says, the U.S. Congress is making the human economy more concrete than the economy of the biosphere.


Can thinking change climate change?

While we have a panoply of “action items” to keep us occupied, we have had little or no guidance in what to think about our grave situation. There has been a dearth of public discussion about how to incorporate the looming specter of global warming into our thinking; no attempt to contextualize it and make it fit in our lives. But it seems to me that how we think about global warming can determine how intelligently and effectively we deal with it.